President's Message

Charlie Czar

The next day we held the Club's annual Spud Ride, with the food at our house. 

The next big event was the 17th Annual Buena Vista Bike Fest.  This year we moved the ride out of May and on to the 1st Saturday of June.  The weather was much better and the number of riders went up after a 3 year weather driven decline. 

The Star Light Spectacular was June 8th and the Club hosted the Bancroft Park Rest Area with the same flair that we did in past years, and a larger army of members there to help. 

2013 found another new activity; the Club was requested to establish a "Rest Area" structure and plan for the 3rd annual Pikes Peak Bike Hill Climb (both a race and bike ride).  Past Club President Dave VanDerWege worked with several Club members and put together a neat innovative combination of fixed and mobile stations.  The risk was that you can only use what you brought; there is no opportunity to run to a nearby 7Eleven if you run out of stuff.  The support and hill climb was a fantastic success.  Both of the St Pat Ride and Hill Climb activities brought in donations for the Club. 

2013 was the 2nd year that the Club "hosted" a Pre-Inaugural Tour of Colorado Springs.  Last year we had to delay the ride by 2 months because of the Waldo Canyon Fire.  This year we delayed 2 months again because of the Black Forest Fire.  We will continue the series of Pre-Inaugural Tours until the Tour organizers can get the City aboard for their major event. 

The Club participated in the League of American Bicyclist 2nd Annual National Bike Challenge.  In the 1st year the Club had four 10-person teams, and had 3 finish in the top 12 Colorado teams.  This year we rode as one 114-person team.  We not only finished 1st in Colorado, but we finished 3rd in the nation (2,060 teams). 

We had our usual collection of rides during the year, capped off with the October Progressive Dinner Ride.  We close the year with sampling of new meeting locations, which will lead to a new Club meeting site early in 2014. 

CSCC 2013 Election: the votes are in!  Stay tuned for the election results.

2014 ends with over 390 members on "our books", for several weeks we had over 400 members - it had been several years since we reached that strength.   2014 will be our 28th year, what can you do to help us make it a year to remember?

Charlie Czar  :-)
Bent Fork Chronicles - Volume 6, Issue 6, 1 December 2013

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