Letter From the Editor

Janine and Katie Zimmann at start of Elephant Rock, June 6

And I think for the most part CSCC cyclists are doing so. Accidents however, do happen. I myself nearly crashed when - and no one I know has EVER had this happen - a wasp got caught in the folds of my shorts. In the crotch. I must have been quite a sight to the riders behind me as I tried to pull the offending and continually stinging insect out of a very sensitive area. Many of the accidents club members have are due to extrordinary circumstances like this. I was witness to a bad crash in June that had me convinced the rider's bike had failed catastrophically. There seemed to be no other explaination. As I was holding my fallen friend's bleeding head in my hands waiting for the paramedics, I began to suspect that perhaps bicycles were not good or safe or smart, if they just break like that. It turned out that it was operator error: he was adjusting the computer transmitter on the bike's fork and (ouch!!!) his hand slipped and went through the wheel, and broke the fork. He's okay now, and I have have gotten over my traumas too (emotional and bug-borne). Lesson learned - bike maintenance takes place when you are OFF the bike. And ALWAYS carry a flyswatter!

And the GREAT news is that there is still lots of summer left. I have the Copper Triangle coming up August 7, a beautiful ride over 3 mountain passes, and there are so many more rides all over the state.  Dan Sadowski has sent in an article outlining his experiences with the Bicycle Tour of Colorado, a 7-day tour worth considering next year, and I've got a few upcoming rides and events listed in "Spokes 'n' Links."

Do you have a great trip or ride you'd like to write about but don't know where to start? Try the "interview template" Mark Mann tried out for his article "Trip to Scotland." Of course you can elaborate as needed! I hope to ge the template published in Word format on the website under the  "Newsletter" tab soon. Here are the basic questions:

Your name, where you live, and your favorite place to bike (around the Springs and/or elsewhere). How long having you been biking?  Tell us about your trip. Where did you go?  Was the trip with a group, or did you make the arrangements yourself?  Why did you choose this trip?  How long did the trip take?  Did you have to train for it? Did you bring your own bike, or rent a bike? What were the accommodations like, if it was an overnight?  What are some of the highlights? Did you encounter any challenges?  Would you recommend this trip? (Please include any websites, addresses, etc. for travel arrangements). Please include one high resolution JPG format photo.

Remember - SUBMISSION DEADLINE for the NEXT BENT FORK is SEPTEMBER 15. By this time I expect to be more in the swing of my new position with the club - Ride Committee Chair. I will be available to assist anyone who wants to step up and take over the Newsletter editor position. In the meantime, enjoy the summer, and "COME ALONG FOR THE RIDE!"

Bent Fork June 2010 - Vol 3 Issue 4 August 2010

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