President's Message

Charlie Czarniecki

As you ride in June and July, I hope you will be taking more digital pictures. We promised that we’d have another vote to select 2 more CSCC Web Page banner pictures for the rest of the year. The annual Club Picnic will be July 18th and I think the rides and scenery could have ample opportunity to snap a few candidates.

Barb and I spent a week in Tucson visiting her mother May 18-23. Tucson was Bicycling Magazine’s #9 city to ride a bike, Colorado Springs was their #18 (of their top 50) best cities. I rode 4 days (138 miles) all over town (Bob and Anne Smith’s 2nd home town). They have more paved bikeways than C Springs. Seemed all the major east-west and north-south (4-lane) streets are pavement marked and signage for bikes. I never saw more than 3 bikes in a group so I couldn’t tell if they accidently took over lanes being “social”. Cars seemed to pass carefully around me - I only felt one car might have “buzzed” me. It was nice to have this much “bike friendly” infrastructure. Yet on the night-time news they seemed to complain that bikes were not getting their fair share. I guess no matter how well off you have it, you always want more.

So to compare these cities, I’d say that with so much road infrastructure in Tucson a bike path was just a couple of blocks away from anywhere in town. The drivers seemed to be just as safe and “bike-friendly” in both places. There seemed to be fewer hills in Tucson, and it was a lot hotter to ride. I’d suggest that during the winter months we should wander down and spend a few riding days with Bob and Anne. But C Springs gets high marks in my many years and many places of riding.

Charlie Czar


Bent Fork June 2010 - copy of Vol 3 Issue 3 June 2010

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