Al Brody

Our neighbor to the north, Denver's Robert Hurst, author of 'The Art of Urban Cycling' and the 'Bicyclists Manifesto' quotes Confucius as saying: The Master said: "Those whose measures are dictated by mere expediency will arouse continual discontent." Mr. Hurst goes on to say: "Cyclists have every right to use the roadway and should not have to cater to the lowest common denominator of aggressive drivers, We shouldn't coddle them. But we shouldn't be surprised by the reaction or bent out of sorts by it, either." He recommends greeting these irrational drivers with cool stoicism.

My goal as the CSCC's bike advocate and as a League of American Cyclists Cycling Instructor is to meld our cool stoicism with cooperation and compromise. I believe that if you give respect your chances of getting respect increase significantly. The bottom line is bike/motor vehicle conflicts are occasionally unavoidable, inevitable to a certain degree, but need not be a regular feature of our cycling experience.

So, plan on attending the June first meeting. Holster your middle finger at the door, and open your mind. You just might receive valuable tools to make you safer as a cyclist.

Also, Janine asked me to provide a report on the League of American Bicyclists National Bike Summit. I attended the Summit in in Washington DC in March. I can sum up that entire experience in one person's name: Ray LaHood, Transportation Secretary. He is the multi-modal transportation Messiah and certainly the best thing that has happened to bicyclists since the first roads were paved for high wheelers. When an AARP interviewer asked Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood what he means by "livable communities," LaHood had a twelve-word answer ready to go:
"If you don't want an automobile, you don't have to have one."
If you want to feel good about the future of cycling, Google: Ray LaHood and learn more about what he is trying to do for mobility in our country. If you are feeling motivated, let Senators Bennett and Udall and Congressman Lamborn know that you support Ray LaHood.

,Al Brody

Bent Fork June 2010 - copy of Vol 3 Issue 3 June 2010

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