BVBF 2010

Aaron Rosenthal

Several Rest Stop 1 volunteers and some of the BVBF committee traveled north early on Saturday morning to scout the route. Leaving BV it started raining within 2 miles, turned to heavy wet snow by 4 miles, started sticking to the road by 8 miles, and covered the road with a solid 2 inches of slush by 12 miles. It was at that point, with the safety of all potential riders and volunteers taking precedence, that the decision to cancel the ride was made. Reports had also come in that Leadville had about a half-foot of snow. Virtually simultaneously, we chose to commence with the first ever “BVBF Non-Ride Party” beginning at noon. Hopefully this will be the last such party for many a year as we’d much prefer the “Non” to be removed from our vernacular.

Despite the cessation of the official ride, approximately 150-200 riders hit the roads, most going north, some heading south, and a few heading up Cottonwood Pass. The roads cleared over time (how typical of Colorado mountain weather in May) and bundled up riders made the best of their plight. Because so many people were in town, the party started early. The weather held well at the party for the entire 6 hours (with the lone exception of 5 minutes of grapple). Over 700 of Jan’s meals were served and 10 kegs of Bristol beers were tapped! We had so many give-aways, it seemed like nearly everyone who attended the party won something. People who purchased additional tickets won the grand prizes of two cruiser bikes from Giant. Proceeds from the additional tickets purchased goes to Kids on Bikes, Medicine Wheel, The Mineral Belt Loop and other organizations the BVBF committee supports.

While the weather did anything but shine, especially in the morning, the BVBF committee, all of the world's best volunteers, and members of the board who were present were truly amazing throughout the day. It was certainly a challenge, but everyone did an incredible job of pulling together, doing what was right by those who rode, those who partied, and those who did both. The safety of our riders and volunteers is priority #1 and we exemplified that in all we did. There was never a question we did the right thing by canceling the ride, but what was really impressive was how we all handled things after the ride was cancelled. Our collective positive attitude, approach, and support of those who registered made their experiences excellent. The fact virtually everyone continues to say they want to come back is testament to what we have done over the past dozen years and what everyone did on BVBF Saturday.

Thank you one and all. Your friendship, can-do spirit, hard work, and perseverance make BVBF the premier event that it is. The fruits of our labors continue to pay off in countless ways.

The BVBF Committee


The Bent Fork Chronicles - Vol 3 Issue 3 June 2010

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