From the CSCC Bent Fork Editors

Dale Campbell & Sharon Boyd

Well, here’s our wish list for the rest of the summer:

* Safe cycling for all
* Continuing reasonable weather (warm days, cool nights, rain in the afternoon and evening as available – but not on Monday evenings)
* No more raging wildfires in Colorado (or the west for that matter)
* Safe rides for everyone while they’re cycling
* More miles logged for the National Bike Challenge
* A chance to enjoy some mountain biking west of the Front Range before fall arrives
* Everyone staying safe and healthy, especially when they’re cycling
* And, time enough to enjoy friends and fellow cyclists, regardless of the activities which might occupy our time.

If you’ve looked ahead at the rest of this edition of the Bent Fork, you can see that I hinted at a few of the items in this edition of the Bent Fork.  Time with fellow cyclists is often cut short.  We’ll miss Sharon and her support for BVBF (“time to enjoy friends”).  For that mountain biking fix that you might need, start by reading Mike and Lorena’s article (“a chance to enjoy some mountain biking…”).  Thank you for all of the pictures and articles from our CSCC members.

And I’m sure you picked up on the safety theme, as it was mentioned a time or two.  It’s a personal responsibility to ride safe, whether you’re in with an organized ride, cycling with a pick up group or just riding solo on that quick trip to the grocery or post office.  Think about what you’re doing while you’re pedaling down the road or trail.  Be aware of what is around you as you cover the miles. Be prepared to react if you’re challenged by some particular conditions.  And, foremost, use good judgment and avoid getting into a situation that might be dangerous or lead to an accident.

Thank you Rich Hostak for leading the Sunday Social Ride in July. And, thank you Dave VanDerWege for leading the Sunday Social Ride in August.

So, enjoy the rest of the summer.  Get out there and ride – safely.  And tell us about it by submitting an article for the next edition of the Bent Fork!
Bent Fork Chronicles - Volume 6, Issue 4, 1 August 2013

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