About Rides & Events

You can add rides to either the Club Rides/Events calendar or to the Other Rides/Events calendar. In either case, you submit your ride by logging into the members area, completing the form under Submit New Event, and making sure to specify an Event Type.  Processing for each type of ride differs, in that posts to Club Rides/Events are reviewed by the Rides Planning Committee before being posted, while posts to Other Rides/Events are posted when submitted, without intervention.

So, you can interact with two different ride calendars.

  • The Club Rides/Events calendar  contains rides sanctioned by the CSCC Rides Planning Committee. Examples include the weekend fitness rides and the social ride, the Full Moon Ride, and the Buena Vista Bike Fest. This is the calendar you've been using all along, and rides scheduled there count towards club mileage. So, submitting a ride to the Club Rides/Events calendar means that the ride leader will have riders sign the CSCC ride form and waver for that ride.
  • The Other Rides/Events calendar contains rides suggested by club members, posted by club members, but not necessarily reviewed, but not necessarily reviewed by the CSCC Rides Planning Committee or by CSCC itself. These may be fantastic rides, geat events to attend, and encourage everyone to check them out and ride more. In some, the rides will count for club miles.
    "Ride Miles - What Counts" if interested in more imformation.

Ride Facilitator Responsibilities

Whether or not you plan to facilitate rides, you should familiarize yourself with the responsibilities of a ride facilitator www.bikesprings.org/docs/RLR.pdf . Think of this as the etiquette of ridership. Riders have a right to expect this from ride facilitators, and from each other.